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Samstag, 7. August 2010


Vom 22. bis 24. September 2010 machen die Teilnehmer einer Bierreise "Prague, Oktoberfest in Munich, & Bamberg" in Bamberg Station. Veranstalter ist Beertrips.com. Sie wurde 1998 in Missoula, Montana, mit dem Konzept gegründet, seriösen Bierkennern und -liebhabern Reisen zu den besten Bier-Destinationen in der ganzen Welt anzubieten:
"Our goal, and our very reason for existing, is to take our travelers the best beer destinations, drink, taste and enjoy the best beers, meet the beer-loving people of the countries we visit, and explore the history, culture, art and architecture of the interesting places where beer "grew up". To do this we stay in nice, well-located hotels, eat at great restaurants that emphasize beer in their fare, and visit breweries, brew pubs, cafes, and museums that enhance our understanding and appreciation of BEER and its rich history and culture. It's just that simple."