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Freitag, 14. Mai 2010

John Amer: World Pub Guide.

Gelegentlich stolpere ich über Beschreibungen des Café Abseits in Reiseberichten von Menschen, die zwar das Café Abseits besucht haben, die ich aber nicht persönlich kennengelernt habe. So heißt es in einem World Pub Guide von John Amer in der Sektion "GERMANY including, MUNICH, BAMBERG, DUSSELDORF, COLOGNE, BERLIN and DORTMUND" über das Café Abseits:
"This is the only pub to the North of the railway station. If you want a choice of beers in Bamberg this is the place to come. Over 42 beers on the beer menu (which is on the last page of the menu) not including the non-alcohol beers! The beers are put in beer styles including lager, dunkel, Pilsner, weisse, bock and rauchbier. The rauchbier section has 3 beers on it, but only one from Bamberg! Prices range from 2.40 to 2.90 euros for bock beer. This place does have a café décor and atmosphere with modern paintings on the wall and Britpop music in the background. It is different from most Bamberg pubs. Mahrs ungespundetes is served in earthenware jug and was excellent at 2.40 euros."