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Samstag, 9. Dezember 2006


Martin T. aus Montreal hat im Juli 2006 eine siebentägige Biertour durch Franken unternommen und darüber in einer Artikelserie auf der Website der Bierlieberhaber-Community Ratebeer berichtet:Im Bericht seinen 5. Tag schreibt Martin T. über das Café Abseits:
"As we sat down at the modern Café Abseits, it started to snow flower petals. White flower petals. A lovely day was to begin. Situated a few streets behind Bamberg's train station, so quite a walk from the altstadt, this oddly-located bistro would normally not attract any attention in a Bamberg travel report. Unless, that is, this travel report happens to be somewhat beer-oriented. ;) For this café purportedly sports the longest regional beer list of any bar in Franconia, over 60 beers, most in bottles, with 4 to 6 from the tap. You'd be hard pressed to find one you've never tried before, or one of your German favorites (Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock, Kulmbacher Eisbock, Andechs Dunkel, etc). We went for some taps first, Mönchsambacher Lager (from Brauerei Zehendner in Mönchsambach), and Huppendorfer Vollbier (from Brauerei Grasser in Huppendorf). Mönchsambacher Lager suggested decorous citrusy fruitiness amidst fresh cereal and hay aplenty. An able, supporting herbal hop bitterness followed the rich and drinkable cereal infusion. If more 'house blonds' were like this, I'd be in heaven. Sadly, the Huppendorfer Völlbier was not in fine form, with lots of diacetyl laid out on the biscuity maltiness. I could feel a well-structured lager, but something was amiss. My first off beer of the trip. I quickly washed away all morose thoughts with a bottle of Griess Kellerbier, which was one of my most anticipated beers of the trip. And it delivered. Authentic, bright, herbal, and flowery hop perfumes pervaded the krug, yet never overpowered the moment. Portentous yet civilized floral, grassy hop flavors bathed in ample but pillowy effervescence. Hop complexity at its best. A true session lager for hop heads, carefully crafted and ripe with life."