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Samstag, 12. August 2006

"The beer selection is really great".

Anfang des letzten Jahres hat uns Uncle Jimbo (Spitzname) aus Andover in Massachusetts einen Besuch abgestattet. In der Bierliebhaber-Community Beeradvocate hat er darüber berichtet:
"I stopped in Cafe Abseits on my way back from Maisel Keller (about 15 min. walk). It is also located on the east side of the train tracks, sort of "behind" the train station, but since you cannot get through the station, you have to walk a few blocks around the station as a detour if you are trying to cross over the tracks. "Abseits" means "off sides" (sports term) or "off the beaten track" in German, and likely refers to the location.

Cafe Abseits is set up more like a modern bar than like the more traditional brewpubs in Bamberg. The bar is a sort of zigzag, L-shape, made of wood with stools. There were about 9 tables and one large booth. The place was a bit smokey, but that is to be expected. Various German language newspapers and magazines are at the bar for customers. Large windows face the street and offer nice, natural lighting to the cafe.

The bar offered 5 beers on tap and about 40 bottles. The beer selection was quite good. For example, they offered at least 6 Andechser beers (Bergbock, Doppelbock, Weizenbock, Weizen-Eisbock, Special Hell, and Hefeweissebier Hell). You could sit there all day and just drink Andechser beers. They also had quite a number of regional beers, and had many regional bockbiers as it was bock season. Prices were not bad: 0.5 L Andechser Doppelbock for 2.70 Euros. The beer was served very cold. (The beer menu is available online at their web site.)

They served various coffees and expressos. The food was good, and the menu was ecclectic. I sampled the spicy goulash soup. Yum. The music was at the discretion of the bartender, and on this visit featured a lot of American pop and classic rock (e.g., Eric Clapton and No Doubt). The service was very good and very friendly, and at least one bartender spoke English very well.

This is a great bar, and I wish I had found it sooner. It is not your "traditional" drinking establishment in Bamberg, but the beer selection is really great. I found it to be a very comfortable place.

Finally visited in warm weather and sat outside in the biergarten in the rear. Very nice, laid back. Good service. Then when the garden closes (23:30 or so), the crowd moves inside until closing."