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Freitag, 7. Februar 2003

Short Description.

In his article "Bamberg, Germany: A city of just 70,000 people but nine breweries" in the "Washington Post (24th March 2016) Will Hawkes has recommended the Café Abseits:
"On the other side of the Bamberg railway station, this neighborhood bar is a good place to get a taste of Franconian beer brewed outside Bamberg."
Café Abseits is the best place in Bamberg for tasting German beer. You can drink around 60 different types of beer i.e. dark and black beers named Kloster Brewery Andechser Dunkles, Smoke Beers, Weizenbier (dark, light, clear and the Weizenbock Aventinus), Pilsner and the famous Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel, the best beer of the world in the opinion of the American expert Johnson and his journal All about beer. You can taste beers of the Braumanufaktur Weyermann and Franconian craft beers.

You can dine and enjoy a great varity of italian style noodles<, salads, German Schnitzel and Tex-Mex specials. You should try the home-made "chili con carne" too.

We serve breakfast every day from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., on Sunday until 8 p.m. You can choose between 13 different dishes, also 4 meals for kids.

Reservations are possible - but not necessary of small groups - call Bamberg (09 51 / 30 34 22).

The beer gardenEnjoy our beer garden. It's open from May to September until 11.30 p.m. every evening. .

You find the restaurant "Café Abseits" in the Pödeldorfer Street between the German police headquarters and the Zollner Street and between the former Warner Barracks and the railway station (600 m away).

You can reach us by foot or you take a ride to the bus-station "Kloster-Langheim-Straße", only two stations after the Warner Barracks.

Most of our waitresses are students at the University of Bamberg and speak fluent English.

Tel: 09 51 / 30 34 22 * Pödeldorfer Straße 39 * Bamberg
* service@abseits-bamberg.de